• Setting Up GoAccess To Analyse Apache Logs

    On a Debian machine serving websites with the Apache server, we install and configure GoAccess to monitor the websites activity.
  • HDMI Autoswitch

    A nice script that does everything you want when you plug a monitor to your HDMI plug: enable the monitor with xrandr, and redirect the sound to the HDMI out...
  • Rendering Markdown To PDF

    When I have stuff to write, I like to keep it simple. It means plain text, editable with simple, dumb editors. As long as I can stay away from word processor...
  • Unbloating The Sony Xperia M4 Aqua 8GB

    Sony Xperia M4 Aqua (E2353). A promising mobile phone, mid range, not too expensive, dustproof and waterproof. The only problem is the storage. Some comes wi...
  • Building And Installing Rockbox

    Here is a very quick howto that walks you through the few steps needed to compile the Rockbox firmware from source.

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