What’s the blog about ?

Bits and pieces of code, magic spells summoned from the command-line, installation/configuration steps by steps, howtos… You name it ! It’s purely technical, it happens on GNU/Linux, and it’s for free !

I’m a longtime Debian user and stick to it. So you may stumble on Debian-specific stuff here and there on this blog, especially in command-line blocks. But mostly it’s install commands that deal with the package manager, that you can easily replace by an equivalent for your Linux distribution. So if you’re not a Debian citizen, no worries, you can read on !

Behind the hood…

This blog is powered by some of the sweetest open-source technologies:

  • Git is used to version the source code of the blog.
  • Jekyll is the static blog builder.
    • Markdown is the language for writing posts.
    • Liquid is the templating language.
    • YAML is the front matter.
    • Sass is the style sheet language.
  • Apache serves you the blog in your favorite web browser.

The theme is derived from the default Jekyll theme.

Who am I ?

I’m just a random guy wandering through the lands of open-source, and it’s been a long journey now. I met the penguin and the gnu at the University, but I didn’t care much at the time. It’s only years later that I got hooked.

In my professional life, I worked mainly in embedded Linux. In my personal life, I contribute to the open-source ecosystem here and there, when I find time. I’m mostly interested in audio related application.

I’m the author of some humble applications:

I’m also the maintainer here:

  • PNMixer - An ALSA volume mixer for the system tray.

I live in a few places of the digital world, feel free to contact me there.